How long does a 3D project usually take?

– We take great care in creating images which highlight selling features for the client. Our goal is to produce high quality and high resolution renders. It depends on the size of the project however, usually between 1 to 2 weeks. 

How much does a 3D render cost? 

Investing in a 3D render helps you communicate your design to clients, speed up sign offs and helps you avoid costly mistakes in the future. We understand this is important as many of our clients have different budgets. Our goal is to be the affordable/go-to place for all your rendering needs. After discussing your project, we will provide a quote. Want to lower your cost? Please refer to our services page! 3D Renders average $100+ per image.

What are your payment methods?

– After we have discussed your 3D project and provided a quote, 40% is required at the beginning and the remaining 60% upon delivery. Paypal is used for all our services. 

Do you work with international clients?

– Yes! The best part about a digital service is its only an email away.

What is the Manzili Shop?

– We have sold over 100 paintings to clients around the world and can’t wait to share a Manzili piece with you! The Manzili Shop is home to all our handmade decor pieces. Interested in a painting or unique piece of furniture to brighten up your space? You have come to the right place! We also do custom pieces so feel free to email us.