Manzili 3D captures the true essence of contemporary living through 3D Architectural and Interior Visualization. We develop affordable and realistic computer generated renders for your residential or commercial spaces.

Meet the Artist

A British born, Sudanese American 3D architect, designer and traditional painter living in Oklahoma City. Huda Hashim received her BA and MA in 3D Visualization with a minor in Visual Arts at the University of Texas at Dallas. Owner and Founder of Manzili 3D, Huda is passionate about making her architectural/interior designs and paintings accessible to the masses. Her passion for African storytelling is the driving force behind her designs. She describes herself as an African brush-teller - like story teller, but with a brush aiming to bridge gaps and cross social, cultural and all other borders with her contemporary work by combining styles of the west with Arabic art and traditional Sudanese/African themes. Navigating her ethnic, linguistic, and tribal heritages in Sudan is complex but she chooses to celebrate its diversity. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive and meaningful environment or experience. 

I am an immigrant who is technically, but not culturally, African American. My diverse cultural background makes me the artist i am today and through painting i found my sense of identity. When i lay paint on my canvas, i choose to dwell in a place no one can see or imagine. When i design a space, it is defined it by the people who live in it. It is about the layers of textures… storytelling.. its all about the sense. Its a melting pot of compositional forms influenced by Arabic calligraphy, abstract expressionism and history just like the environment i am surrounded by. I blend colors like the diverse people into one through assimilation and integration. I accept a common culture while enriching a nation with diverse art. The best part about painting was being able to look at it and say “this is exactly who i am”. I believe the power of color and expressive brushstrokes depict every visual and emotional story i want to tell.